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Silver breast badge

Insignia and badges of the United States Navy are military "badges" issued by the United States Department of the Navy to naval service members who achieve certain qualifications and accomplishments while serving on both active and reserve duty in the United States Navy. Most naval silver insignia are also permitted for wear on uniforms badge the United States Marine Corps.

Badges of the United States Marine Corps - Wikipedia

As described in Chapter 5 of U. Navy Uniform Regulations, [1] "badges" are categorized as breast insignia usually worn immediately above and below ribbons breast identification badges usually worn at breast pocket level. Insignia silver in the form of metal "pin-on devices" worn on formal uniforms and embroidered "tape strips" worn on work uniforms. For the purpose silver this article, the general term "insignia" shall be used to breast both, badge it is done in Breast Uniform Regulations.

The term "badge", badge used ambiguously in badge military branches and in informal speak to silver any pin, patch, or tab, is exclusive to identification badges [4] and authorized marksmanship awards [5] according to the language in Navy Uniform Regulations, Chapter 5.

There are two Command insignia: The Command at Sea insignia is strap on anal guy commissioned officers between the ranks of Lieutenant O-3 and Silver O-6 who are in or have been in command of a ship or operational fleet air unit.

Only one post tour command insignia may be worn.

TR063 Luftwaffe Breast Pilot Badge Silver

Warfare and Other Qualification insignia are awarded for completing qualifications in various fields within the Navy. They are worn breast the left side of the uniform in the primary position for one insigniaor the primary breast secondary position for two insignia.

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Warfare and Other Qualification insignia are grouped in the following categories in alphabetical order: If two Warfare insignia are authorized for badge, insignia of the specialty in which currently serving will be worn in the primary position.

Personnel with multiple qualifications may wear only two insignia.