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This trip was a gift for castle and the misses gay our anniversary.

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Now castle you were fortunate spa to catch my review that mysteriously disappeared from trip advisor then you will understand the comparison. The facility is nice but with summer coming and school almost being out it somehow is more like the spa pool rather than a Spa with kids running around yelling and actin nuts gay High school and college kids taking "selfies" in the middle of the pool and spa jet areas talking loud and ruining all forms of relaxation possible.

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First off apparently P57 is more like a Frat house on Fri-Sun minus the gay of course and with summer coming spa may as well add this title from Wed-Sun. I went on a Tuesday which I was told by staff is the slowest day of them all.

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In addition it was Raining like crazy out so it was a risk but paid off. P57 sexo anal en mujeres at 9am I arrived at 10am. The place was empty! Its pretty much am office building lol. The facility I must admit is very well designed.

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In addition there main floor includes a Jet pool with various features which castle the sign on the wall holds 32 people max and a Jacuzzi that seats 8 max.