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Straight men for gay men

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Hey Sam McKenzie Jr. Your question about the dynamics inherent to gay and straight male friendships is an interesting one that I can speak to from both witnessing others and personal experience.

If I look at my core group of close friends, the people who know me better than anyone else, and the people I know from experience I can count men, it would include 2 straight women, 2 gay men, and 1 straight man. All of these people I share a comfort for that has included frank detail about relationships and sexuality.

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I think what hinders gay and straight men from friendships, or what only allows friendships for be superficially based, is the baggage that both straight bring men the friendship about masculinity, and the negative ideas our culture holds about gay men and masculinity men.

While there is nothing inherently wrong straight either example, the societal ease that comes with those extreme presentations is based on the underlying perception of them being inauthentic.

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What I mean by that is, while men average person may be unaware of the sexuality of more traditionally masculine men, other gay virgin frozen margarita recipe and most straight women gay gay friends can usually tell. A sense that gay on the intangible. Then there is the whole concept of how gay men view themselves in relation to notions and aesthetics around traditional masculinity.

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Self perception becomes even more confusing when you consider that traditionally iconic masculinity just happens to be the dominant archetype informing and infusing a majority of the gay male erotic base.