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Female 18 - I'm too lazy to give this bio my all, but I'll change it into something poetic and artsy when I'm more awake.

One Scene : LGBT dating, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender

For now I'll say I'm a college student who lives for teen moments where I can plug my headphones in and indulge in good music. Horror movies remind me that although I am sweet, I crave some gore. If you like surprises, I'm full of them.

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If you're interested don't be on your pussy shit and hit me up. I'm really nice, but I'm Demisexual and Demiromantic so it takes me a while to actually fall dating someone. I love to play tennis and swim.

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I'm a lesbian nerd. I act like a child sometimes so bear sites me.

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My favorite color is pink.