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Telephone music video unrated

MTV has not played the. But it launched online yesterday.

Telephone (Long Version) (Comparison: UK Version - Uncensored) -

GaGa to her telephone cell. Once she reaches her destination.

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GaGa music bailed out of the unrated —. In a later scene.

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Beyonce flashes her boobs. Video saucy singers then reunite.

Telephone music video unrated

Dear GaGa Lover, click on the green link at the bottom of this story- it will take you to the U. Sun page and the GaGa story. I love that way she handled that. The song is pretty stupid.

Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce - Telephone | Official Music Video | Uncensored

She is just selling sex along with her music. The song is plain boring and stupid. I would rather watch a porno then see that.

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