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Tomb raider legend nude skins

Tombraider nude outfit

Constantly mocked and relentlessly popular, they are our secret shame, one of those things skins make fun of to your friends while dreading the day someone stumbles on your internet history. Around since science developed the first vaguely human-shaped clump raider pixels, these mythical codes have been tomb holy legend of teenage sexual raider for decades. Ayane, Tifa, Sub-Zero, Solid Snake, you tomb em, theres a nuddy code for them--except not really, because the vast majority are completely fake.

To prove it, we bring you the Top 7 Games people thought had nude codes but didn't. Here skins present a careful investigation of how they captured the legend imagination of the gaming world, and if nude ask me youd best stick with our research.

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Things get scary when safesearch goes off. I know that when I'm playing a game about ripping out my enemies' spines, I always feel like there's a missed opportunity for a peek at the flesh I'm rending. Such is the case with Mortal Kombat, nude though rumors of "nudalities" in Mortal Kombat 2 gave us some hope, that dream has been brutally and mercilessly shattered by facts.

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The purpose of these body-bearing powers was never really brought up, nor was their function in the game, but who cares! The idea was so popular that some believe nudalities to exist to this day, even though they nice shaved pussy ballslicking never programmed skins and never raider anywhere no matter what Craig from third-period math told you.

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The rumor became so famous that the nude game Tattoo Assassins included a few nude fatalities for laughs, but they would never appear in Mortal Kombat itself. Alas, no look at Goros hot bod before he rips a guy's face off.

Nude tombraider legend skins

Nintendo is not legend by your birthday suit shenanigans. A company that largely caters to the E for Tomb crowd, they are known for putting the smackdown on explicit content, and getting characters naked falls pretty neatly into that category.

That in mind, you wouldn't think people would fall for the claim that there are nude codes in Zelda: