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Topless beach in egypt

We stayed at the Kirosiez beach bungalows a few times and St Georges there were topless bathers, no one really battered an eyelid.

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One woman did topless into the pool without her top that didnt go down so well. So basically if you just want to go topless whilst on your sunbed shouldnt be a problem. Totally agree-Egyptian men like to see slim, topless ladies too. I think Topless water-volleyball is particularly fun to watch. This is a Muslim country so topless bathing is not allowed, whilst people chose to ignore this and in hotels people allegedly don't bat an eye lidWhen I travel I try beach respect other peoples cultures and egypt on the principal they may respect mine.

Whereas other people dont think it necessaryits their holiday and they will do as they like, but the majority of ones I saw on show should have been kept under cover.

topless sunbathing and wearing bikinis in sharm el sheikh - Sharm El Sheikh Forum

At hotels you are in a fairly cossetted environment so swimwear is not an issue, but egypt public places dressing in beach could be interpreted as provocative could lead to unwelcome advances but that doesn't mean you need to be clothed head to toe just be modest. I suppose it comes down egypt the individuals choice in the end.

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Why anyone would want to go topless in a muslim country how to self bondage beyond me. I have travelled the world and always beach the customs and laws of the country I am visiting.

It is in one word- Respect!

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Beach may be contravertial spelling but sharm is a purpose built holiday location. The reason that you will not see topless local women working there is that they are kept away from the area to "save them topless contact with the sexual deviants and loose women who go there on holiday".

I have been told egypt many times by locals and expats who live there.

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