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Unreal tournament nude patch

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Unreal tournament 2004 nude skins

As you may or may not recall, there were some textures in this game of a stained glass window featuring a topless woman. In the console versions, these were censored by tastefully placing some flowing cloth over the potentially-offending anatomy.

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Was there ever a nude of that made available for the PC version? Or perhaps some other acceptable form of censorship on those images?

Tatz Unreal tournament 2004 nude mod

I'm going to be hosting a UT tournament at the Salt Lake Gaming Con in a couple weeks, and I think it would just unreal better if Tournament had some sort of censorship patch in place. Those images in the windows are "Art" I don't think you will have problems.

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You can open the maps in patch engine and cover them up pretty easily if your worried. Only a few maps have it anyways. Join the community Facebook page https: