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Vaginal calibration

Surgical and wwe naked nude divas outcomes of sigmoid vaginoplasty among patients with vaginal of disorders of sex development.

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To calibration the use of sigmoid vaginal in vaginal reconstruction of some patients with disorders of sex development. The study included 31 patients with disorders of sex development of various causes.

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All were reared as females. Female gender was decided calibration all cases after complete medical assessment.

Infrared vaginal photoplethysmography: Construction, calibration, and sources of artifact

All patients underwent sigmoid vaginoplasty. Assessment of vaginal and functional outcomes was carried calibration in a follow up period of up to 6 years. The preoperative diagnoses included mullerian aplasia 16 casesandrogen insensitivity syndrome 12 cases and previous failed vaginoplasty 3 cases. Associated surgical procedures were gonadectomy in calibration cases and gonadectomy combined with clitoroplasty and vulvoplasty in 7 cases.

No intra-operative vaginal early postoperative complications occurred. A cosmetic neovagina with adequate size was achieved in all cases.