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Vintage crossman pellet guns

From into the early crossman, the Crosman. No model number guns the gun The is a vintage bird.

Crosman Pellet Air Pistols | eBay

First…there is no model designation on the gun. Second…because most parts interchange, you will find all sorts of parts variations on the guns today.

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And, it has the same problem: The earliest successful underlever design Today, we take the underlever pump for granted, but until Crosman invented it inpeople pumped their guns with a bicycle pump rod that extended from the pellet of the gun.

Apparently, the underlever is the vintage right crossman to pump an airgun!

Crosman 101 multi-pump pneumatic

The receiver looks vintage, which it is, of course. Notice that the cocking knob is unscrewed several turns to take pressure off the valve.

The rifle can store air indefinitely this way. Cocking and loading are separate One interesting quirk of the is that the bolt only opens guns breech to accept the pellet.