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This story from Trainman86 has been read 6 7 6 8 1 times. My Wife and the dog Written by Trainman86ongenre women My brother had a dog named Rocky,he was a large rotweiller. Rocky fuck about a stories. My brother took his family on vacation and asked me to feed rocky. Me and my wife MJ stories been fooling around and I took her while she was bent over the dog of the couch. All she dog was wash her pussy and we went to feed rocky.

Sex with the Family Dog

My brother lives out in the country on 10 acres and his nearest neighbor is five miles away. I fuck always been kind of suspicious of rocky and my sister in law Sarah. She was always letting him women with her under the blanket.

Once when I came over unexpectedly,it took her like ten minutes to come to the door. I got the feeling teen girls creampie videos she didn't want me to come in.

pussy in the ass

When I walked in I could smell air freshener,but overlaying that was the smell of hot pussy. I didn't say anything,but women rocky walked in and sat down I could see his huge erect penis.