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Zombie strippers nude scenes

Jenna Jameson starting off dancing on a strip club stage in a strippers corset and a thong.

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The corset then pulls down a bit to reveal her breasts underneath, in a fully see-through bra that shows her nipples clearly. The corset then comes off entirely and nude continues to do a very sexy striptease while somewhat covered in blood.

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Zombies Jenna Jameson and Shamron Moore wearing thongs as they dance topless in an attempt to one-up each other. Nude girls then get into strippers cat fight, and Jenna begins to shoot ping pong balls and then billiard balls from between her legs, knocking Shamron over.


Jenna Jameson whipping her dress and panties off on stage scenes a strip club, throwing the panties to a guy in lesbian teen seduction trailers audience and then giving us a nice full-frontal view before she turns around to also show off her ass.

She does a very sexy dance in the nude as the crowd cheers her on.

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Shamron Moore stepping onto the stage at a strip club in a thong, shedding her top to reveal her breasts as she dances around a pole. She then teasingly slips her panties off, showing full-frontal nudity as she then scenes completely naked.

Jenna Zombie wearing a very thin, totally see-through bra as she stands on stage at a strip club and leans over to pick a guy for a private lap dance.

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We then see her in the private room, giving the guy a dance. Finally, we see her in a zombie state as some people encounter her chewing on the guy's arm. Roxy Saint starting off in a zombie bra and panties with fishnet stockings as she dances at a strip club, then spinning wildly around the stripper's pole while topless.